Issue 21

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Issue 21

Issue 21

Featured Articles

Cover Story - Hi-finity sliding doors guarantee an infinite view with ultimate performances

Published 28.06.2017 under Cover Story
The Hi-finity patio door is the epitome of modern design, combining the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics with outstanding performance. This state-of-the-art structurally glazed door offers the possibility of floor-to-ceiling and... read more »

Reynaers develops other innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions

Published 28.06.2017 under Cover Story
CS-59Pa (Ideal for warm climates) Concept System® 59Pa offers an extensive range of non-insulated profiles for the construction of elegant and moderately priced aluminium flush doors. CS 59Pa is the ideal... read more »

Lines of Confusion

Published 28.06.2017 under Editor's Choice
South Africa seems to be caught in a web of spiralling costs, systemic abuse and a ‘pass-the-buck’ attitude among role players in the electricity supply value chain. This results in... read more »

SAOTA – International reach

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Architecture
Greg Truen is a director of Cape Town-based architectural firm, SAOTA. Among other things, he recently served on a discussion panel at the launch of the Africa Architectural Awards, and... read more »

Africa Architecture Awards

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Architecture
To Build recently attended the launch of the Africa Architecture Awards in Cape Town. By all impressions, the profession and the adjudicating panel have some tough work ahead of them. Founded... read more »

Shade net car ports for all instances

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
Shadeport Systems is an awardwinning shade net converting company that started manufacturing shade net carports 25 years ago. Our aim is to provide the best quality product, backed up with... read more »

PPC Imaginarium Awards 2017

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Architecture
South Africa’s most supportive art and design competition, the PPC Imaginarium Awards, announced its Overall Winner, Category Winners and Runners-up at a gala event hosted during May at the UJ... read more »

3D Printing: MIT shows the way

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Construction & Contractors
Technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) could enable faster, cheaper, more adaptable building construction. The list of materials that can be produced by 3D printing has grown to... read more »

Specialised contracting

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Construction & Contractors
A certified asbestos removal and contracting company offers an innovative style of service delivery. R&D Contracting, a BBBEE and certified asbestos removal company, adds a fresh approach to the industrial and... read more »

Geosynthetics – QA vs QC

Owners of facilities should be more involved in the quality control and quality assurance of geosynthetic installations.   It is a known fact that when a leak occurs in the geosynthetic liner... read more »

Fans for every occasion

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
Fans play an important role in regulating room temperature, cooling the air and increasing ventilation. However, with so many options available, finding the right fan for your needs can be... read more »

Putting the ‘barn’ back into the Foodbarn

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Interior Design
The Foodbarn, located in Cape Town ‘village’ suburb of Noordhoek, has become an icon in South Africa’s casual dining circles. ‘We’re not in the game of being a top-end restaurant, but... read more »

Coming full circle

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Interior Design
100% Design South Africa is set to rock Gallagher Convention Centre in Gauteng, happening alongside Decorex Joburg from 9-13 August. With big hitters such as Gregor Jenkin, Dokter and Misses, David Krynauw,... read more »

Reimagining a French icon

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Interior Design
Glenelly Estate, situated in South Africa’s idyllic Cape Winelands, has launched The Vine Bistro and reimagined its tasting room and glass museum. The new interiors display a sophisticated aesthetic inspired... read more »

Top honours for giant mall

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Developers
The iconic Mall of Africa secured its place among top honourees from around the world in the highly coveted international VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement) Awards, announced in Las Vegas... read more »

Property growth in ‘Chelsea’ village

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Developers
Referred to by many as ‘the ideal suburb’, the Upper Kenilworth area bordering Harfield Village lies south of the Claremont CBD with its thriving shopping malls and major amenities and... read more »

Rawlplug – the world’s leading manufacturer of plugs, specialist anchoring and fixing systems

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
More than a century ago in 1919, Rawlplug was the first company to invent and manufacture fixing systems. Now the world leaders in this field, the original patent holders and... read more »

Transforming space to let

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
A local property broking company believes that the local property industry has not yet made full use of today’s technological capabilities. The Fieldspace Property Group is an amalgamation of property owners... read more »

Springs Mall has sprung

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Developers
The 48 000m2 regional Springs Mall opened during March and its construction came in on schedule and within budget after an intense and immensely intricate two-year-plus construction programme. South African family-owned... read more »

Creating employment

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Engineering
The value of well-run quarries in our cities and towns was recently underscored by research suggesting that every job in the quarrying industry creates a further five jobs in downstream... read more »

Redhouse Chelsea Interchange project scoops major award

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
AECOM has showcased its design expertise on the Redhouse Chelsea Interchange and Arterial Roads project in Port Elizabeth for main client SANRAL and contractor Basil Read. The project clinched an award in... read more »

Transforming the engineering sector

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Engineering
Project delivery company WorleyParsons RSA is collaborating with small- and medium-sized black-owned enterprises to jointly deliver services in the mining, water, energy and infrastructure sectors, says the company’s CEO, Denver... read more »

Water-wise landscaping

Living in water-scarce regions, now including the Western and Northern Cape, can be a privilege owing to their access to nature and landscapes of endless scenery. However, as the years... read more »

Limited voetstoots protection

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Legal
To Build’s regular contributor, Adv Bryan Hack, is on leave. In his absence, we are thrilled to receive this legal contribution from well-known legal firm, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. The seller, in... read more »

Contractors beware

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Legal
A standard clause in the standard FIDIC construction contracts provides that the total liability of the contractor to the employer cannot exceed a stated sum, usually the contract value. However,... read more »

New property measurement standard

Published 28.06.2017 under Professions - Quantity Surveyors
As part of their aim to professionalise the property industry more broadly, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is updating their global property measurement standard to ensure it incorporates... read more »

Increasing confidence in South African property valuation

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
Valuation is one of the key areas of practice for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS) qualified professionals. To ensure globally consistent valuation standards, RICS publish ‘RICS Valuation Standards’, also... read more »

Culture of compelling innovation

Published 28.06.2017 under Building Systems - Automation
Members of senior management of a leading automated access and security systems company were recently tasked with defining the company’s brand essence. Managers of the company, Centurion Systems, could distil the... read more »

Small bathrooms – big ideas

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Bathrooms
A leading sanitary ware and tiling supplier shares their ideas with designers on making the small bathroom a highly prized space. Bathroom layouts can be challenging; however, a small bathroom layout... read more »

Sustainable window treatments for green building

Published 28.06.2017 under Building Systems - Windows & Doors
Sustainable green building solutions have become the norm, not the exception. Local legislation (SANS 10400 XA) stipulates that all newly erected buildings need to have solar water heaters, heat pumps... read more »

Making the right choice

Published 28.06.2017 under Building Systems - Windows & Doors
Some professional advice on how to go about selecting the right windows and doors for a home, from the national sales manager of a leading manufacturer. Cobus Lourens from leading window... read more »

The bottom-up energy revolution

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Electrical
South Africa’s energy planning revolves around two inter-related but separate processes, the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) and the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IEP covers all energy, including liquid fuels/ transport... read more »

High-end compact surfaces on show

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Kitchens
A noteworthy stand at this year’s Decorex is surely TheSize, a Spanish company headquartered in Castellón, specialising in high-end sintered compact surfaces. The Neolith® brand is the outcome of the latest... read more »

Wonderfully resourceful

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
Franke South Africa (Pty) Ltd forms part of the 100-year old, global Franke Group of companies with the Group head office residing in Aarburg, Switzerland. Franke South Africa (Pty) Ltd... read more »

Comment from the KSA

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Kitchens
Stephanie Forbes, general manager of the Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA) has the following message for the market. She writes: It has been a very busy first quarter at the KSA, the... read more »

Metallics are hot

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Lighting
A leading supplier argues that incorporating metallic lighting is all about striking the perfect balance. Metallics are making a huge comeback in interior design and lighting is no exception, says Melissa... read more »

Roof longevity and climatic effects

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Roofing
The South African market has traditionally specified the use of a heavier grade of coated steel roofing in coastal climatic areas or areas subject to heavy industrial fallout. According to Arno... read more »

Hardworking roofs

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Roofing
Safintra South Africa recently showcased its new Saflok 700 clip, Versatile®, a profiled metal sheet with the aesthetic of clay tiles and other product developments. The innovations illustrate how steel roofing... read more »

Secrets of success

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
A Gauteng-based roofing specialist shares the secrets of their success with readers of To Build. LCP Roofing, leaders in roof truss technology, are committed to precision work, attention to detail and... read more »

Ultra-Span (LGS) roof truss market shows exceptional growth

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Roofing
The present economic difficulties have certainly affected the roof structure (truss supplier) industry. Demand for pre-fabricated roof trusses has reduced due to projects being shelved, not started yet due to... read more »

Public safety ambassadors

Published 28.06.2017 under Building systems - Safety & Security
In an economic downturn, there is an inevitable migration of crime into urban spaces. As one of the leading urban economic precincts, Sandton has many innovations aimed at making visitors... read more »

Silicone and solvent free sealant and filler for wood

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
A new environmentally-friendly silicone and solvent free sealant and filler manufactured by Den Braven, Woodflex, is the ideal finisher for wood. ‘This quality product is an environmentally-friendly silicone and solvent free... read more »

Paving the way

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Brick & Paving
A leading paving block manufacturer tells To Build that their new range only requires 17 blocks per square metre and is manufactured with bevelled edges on one side and straight... read more »

New era for readymix concrete in SA

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Cement & Concrete
The Southern Africa Readymix Association of Southern Africa (SARMA) continues to grow exponentially as producers seek to align themselves with the trend toward high-quality concrete that is a hallmark of... read more »

Hazelmere Dam upgrade ‘a first’

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Cement & Concrete
Realising the total inadequacy of the water storage capacity at Hazelmere Dam in KZN, the Department of Water and Sanitation decided to increase storage capacity by raising the wall. This... read more »

Dealing with returns in a green way

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Cement & Concrete
Every provider of readymix concrete must expect a certain amount of returned material because of unforeseen circumstances on the construction sites for which it is destined. But what to do... read more »

Formalising the trade

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Insulation
Although many South African trades have been supported by various qualifications and formal training over the years, the thermal insulation industry has been a notable exception. The Thermal Insulation Association... read more »

Quality assurance initiative introduced

Published 28.06.2017 under Materials - Timber & Decking
When specifying for timber construction, it is imperative to make a thorough study of elements, such as specific designs, site conditions, the National Building Regulations as well as timber quality,... read more »

Convenience, quality and sustainability from Merensky Timber

Published 28.06.2017 under Advertorial
Merensky Timber (Pty) Ltd is a leading forestry and sawmilling company in South Africa that supplies kiln-dried lumber for construction, building, furniture and industrial applications. Certified structural lumber is graded... read more »

Climate control – smart homes

Published 28.06.2017 under Services - Air Conditioning
Home for most people is a great deal more than a place to sleep and eat. It’s a place where families gather, where people relax and curl up to watch... read more »

AMS keeps air moving

Published 29.06.2017 under Advertorial
Tradition, innovation, performance, worldwide – Air Movement Supplies (AMS) is part of the worldwide Elta Group which provides globally competitive products using their committed local service. Backed by accredited distributors such... read more »

Silent design series

Published 29.06.2017 under Advertorial
Air Movement Supplies, a dynamic and competitive role player in the air movement industry, is part of Elta Group with its worldwide operations and distributors. AMS strive to provide globally... read more »

Furniture in the home

Published 29.06.2017 under Services - Furniture
Claire Gibson, from leading furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, offers some insights in how to best decorate smaller living rooms and create the illusion of added space. Many small living room ideas can... read more »

The living office

Published 29.06.2017 under Services - Furniture
To Build interviews Andy Lock, President of Herman Miller International, a leading furniture manufacturer globally. Andy Lock recently visited South Africa for the first time where he visited a major... read more »

Beware the trap – cheap plastic pipes can be an expensive mistake

Published 29.06.2017 under Services - Plumbing & Reticulation
Pipes and pipe fittings are a key component in any building or property and often not given the prominence they require. Keen to save money, a building contractor might fall... read more »

Economical water heating using heat pumps

Published 29.06.2017 under Green Building
At a multi-storey development in Pietermaritzburg, Stefanutti Stocks’ solution of Alliance Heat Pump Water Heaters cut water heating costs by two-thirds. A pressing need facing South African municipalities is the supply... read more »

Built environment playing a major role in climate change mitigation

Published 29.06.2017 under Green Building
The built environment has a major role to play in climate change mitigation and progressively more South African property investors are rising to the challenge with positive impacts on the... read more »

Clearing up the confusion about solar water heater systems

Published 29.06.2017 under Advertorial
Investing in a solar water heater is the best investment you will ever make. However, deciding on the type of system you’ll need, which brand or what capacity can be... read more »

Iconic green hotel embraces fair trade

Published 29.06.2017 under Green Building
Hotel Verde, situated at the Cape Town International Airport, has been certified by Fair Trade Tourism at the annual World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. The certification... read more »

Poor community shows the way

Published 29.06.2017 under Green Building
First covered by SA Building Review in 2015, this water-sensitive project is founded on the well-being of the community in which it is based. To Build caught up with the... read more »

Solutions and products for ALL effluent streams

Published 29.06.2017 under Advertorial
Ecotech Africa offer solutions for all effluent streams, unlike our  competitors, while simultaneously addressing the management of water resources by providing solutions and products that facilitate purification, waste water treatment,... read more »

Sikaflex Crystal Clear

Published 3.07.2017 under Editor's Choice
Swiss global manufacturer, Sika, has launched Sikaflex Crystal Clear, the optimum transparent sealant that can be used for all DIY and contractor projects. Sikaflex Crystal Clear is a 1-component, transparent adhesive... read more »

Growing in the shade

Published 3.07.2017 under Editor's Choice
Shade Port systems is an award-winning shade net converting company that started manufacturing shade net carports 25 years ago. It aims to provide the best quality product, backed with professional... read more »
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