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Winning the trench battles

Online since 29.10.2017 • Filed under Professions - Engineering • From Issue 22 page(s) 53
Winning the trench battles

Key to the success of specialist trenching company, Quick Trench, was its decision three decades ago to standardise its trenching fleet, says an equipment supplier.


Based in Midrand, the company now operates a full-time fleet of Ditch Witch trenchers across the country, wherever quick and precise trenching is required. According to a company statement, it suffers no shortage of work, having become one of the bestknown trenching companies in South Africa today.


Its services are in high demand for golf course landscaping work, power mats for power stations, raft foundations, road drainage, as well as trenching for utilities such as fibre optics and other services. In most instances, the company’s clients require fast, precise work, which calls for the kind of durability and reliability that the Ditch Witch trenchers provide.


Ongoing evolution

According to Jerry Martyne, owner of Quick Trench, the company was founded in 1986 and bought by him  in 1999. While landscaping and utility installations provide stable income, other new requirements arise at regular occasions and provide a welcome change, as well as extra revenue for the business.


‘In recent years, we were contracted to provide complex trenching for the installation of electrical power mats for the new power stations and have recently begun trenching for exciting new drainage systems on some of the country’s national roads.


These new challenges always provide us with the chance to increase our expertise and where necessary update our equipment to handle the new requirements,’ says Martyne.


‘Whether it be deeper or wider trenchers, the ability to rip through asphalt surfaces or trench in rocky terrain, our partnership with ELB Equipment, the distributors of Ditch Witch in Southern Africa, means we have direct access to the required world leading technology whenever and wherever required.


‘Another benefit of standardising the fleet has proven to be the interchangeability of parts and spares which is a useful feature when working in outlying areas or where speed is of the utmost importance,’ adds Martyne.


ELB Equipment area sales manager, Keith Smith, confirms that Quick Trench is one of the longest standing Ditch Witch customers in South Africa.


‘Jerry of Quick Trench is also one of the most knowledgeable people in the country when it comes to trenching in all ground conditions,’ says Smith.


‘Having the best trenching equipment means little if you don’t have the expertise nor understand the abilities of each machine with its various attachments. Few in the industry have the kind of knowledge that Jerry has and this is a major contributor to the success of his business. This same knowledge and experience is also the reason why he insists on Ditch Witch technology.’


‘At present, the Quick Trench fleet has a perfect cross section of machines, including the smaller workhorse Ditch Witch RT40 machines that have been a mainstay of the company for many years.


The larger Ditch Witch RT55, RT75, RT95 and robust RT115 models ensure that the company has the right machine for whatever type of trenching is required,’ adds Smith.


ELB Equipment

T +27 (0)11 306 0700


Issue 22

Issue 22

November 2017

This article was featured on page 53 of
To Build Magazine Issue 22.

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