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De Leeuw Group: 60 years of service excellence

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De Leeuw Group: 60 years of service excellence

The De Leeuw Group (DLG), a pioneering international professional practice, turns 60 this year. Over the past six decades the Group has developed a solid reputation in the fields of quantity surveying, value management, project management and property consulting.


Regarded as a local trendsetter in quantity surveying and various other aspects of property development and construction, DLG has an estimated 10 000 completed projects under their belt. They offer clients cost effective, cutting-edge, value managed solutions regardless of project size, value or location. With highly qualified and professional specialists within the Group and with all staff equally committed to research and development, the Group is intent on maintaining its position as preferred service provider to renowned local and international clients.


A journey of dynamic process

DLG has remained true to the principles of its founder, Dr De Leeuw, of unflinching integrity, professionalism, dedication to R&D and commitment to impeccable client service. These are the pillars upon which the Group was established and subsequently developed. The Group’s corporate culture also embodies a ‘no compromising on quality’ principle. DLG comprises of an experienced team of exceptionally talented, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who are comfortable operating internationally.

Established in 1958 by a team of young, brilliant quantity surveyors, under Dr De Leeuw’s leadership, DLG was systematically expanded over the ensuing decades. Its first offices were established in Welkom, Cape Town and Pietersburg. With time, the company developed a national grid of offices across South Africa. At its height, DLG boasted over 30 directors in charge of hundreds of ambitious projects across the globe.

The De Leeuw Group has received numerous prestigious international awards, bearing testimony to its impressive credentials. The Group is the proud recipient, for example, of numerous PMR Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze Arrow Excellence Awards. The Group’s first foreign office was opened in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s followed by Namibia in 1982. The opening of DLG’s Middle East offices in 1999 formed the base of their footprint in the Middle East and North Africa. It also laid the path for further expansion into other countries such as India. To establish what lies behind DLG’s success and staying power, we asked Chris de Wet, Group Chairman, a few questions about the company’s history and corporate culture in general.

What do you regard as the main factors and business philosophy behind your company’s staying power and impressive global expansion?

The De Leeuw Group has always remained adaptable and proactive. For example, we were one of the first firms to use computers and QS software in the local industry. This assisted us in gaining our reputation and attracting more multinational clientele. In-house research and development initiatives such as feasibility studies and cost reports have also kept us ahead. Throughout the years we have remained dedicated to ensuring that knowledge and expertise are passed down from our senior directors and personnel to junior employees. The sharing of ideas and experience is essential in a business like ours to ensure continuity. Our vast range and diversity of projects also stands us in good stead.

What new and interesting developments have occurred in the construction industry over the past five years, and how did these impact on De Leeuw’s operations and planning?

The recent, more significant involvement of highly specialised subcontractors related to impact on cost, procurement procedures, contractual and payment conditions and construction periods. The management of planning procedures that influence cash flow requires a fresh approach for quantity surveyors and often means a more managerial and strategy-based focus. We are thus constantly upskilling our QS staff through regular seminars and training courses to keep up with industry trends. Value management tools and systems are a big focus for us.

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