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Convention centre extension opened

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Convention centre extension opened

CTICC 2, the Cape Town International Convention Centre’s R900-million expansion, has been completed and is open for business.


Winner in the Commercial Category of the Steel Awards 2017 by the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC), it was first unofficially opened in September 2017 when the huge 21st Annual Congress of the SA Council of Shopping Centres which took place. Ever since the original CTICC opened in 2003, expansion was on the cards as the centre’s growth exceeded expectations. High occupancy and lack of capacity prompted the company’s board to search for expansion sites. Chief Executive Officer of the CTICC, Julie-May Ellingson, said the CTICC is now a fully integrated event venue complex never before seen in Cape Town, which offers clients unparalleled choice and flexibility.

‘What are the benefits of this extra space?

Essentially, two things: greater capacity and greater flexibility. We can now host very large events, such as the upcoming 15 000-delegate World Ophthalmology Congress, across the entire complex. Cape Town would never have won this bid, if it wasn’t for the CTICC’s expansion. And we can host multiple large events across both venues simultaneously, which we couldn’t do before. Put simply, we can now welcome more events and more people in more ways,’ explains Ellingson.


Technology employed

CTICC East is an extension to the very successful Cape Town International Convention Centre. It comprises two convention halls of approximately 5 000m2 each, a larger concourse area as well as smaller meeting rooms.

Three distinct areas of construction technology were described by the SAISC:

a) The support structure for the second floor hall, which is provided with only four internal support points for the 5 000m2 floor. In addition to dead loads, this steelwork carries a design live load of 750kg/m2 above as well as exhibition hanging loads and movable wall elements below. A system of deep primary and secondary girders, and tertiary beams supporting Bond-Dek cladding was selected.


b) The roof structure over the upper hall, comprising a column-free space of 5000m2. Due to architectural requirements, only two girders were permitted to span the short direction, with secondary girders spanning the long direction of the hall and rafters above. The depth of the secondary structure was limited to gain as much headroom as possible. The roof structure is also designed to carry significant hanging loads as well as suspended movable walls.


c) The concourse and meeting pod structure, comprising a vertical structure for the support of the 22m-high curtain wall, a composite roof structure over the meeting pods and part of the concourse, and a saw-tooth roof structure supporting insulated panels and glazing orientated towards the south.

Steelwork was the only practical solution for the large spans carrying very heavy loads on this project, although numerous other options were considered. Universal column sections were used for many of the primary and secondary girders to benefit from the heavy profiles available, while tubular sections were used to achieve the most slender possible sections for the support of glazing elements as well as the sawtooth roof. [Source: SAISC 2017]


Project professional profile

Client/Developer: Cape Town International

Convention Centre by City of Cape Town, Western

Cape Government and SunWest International.

Architects: Convention Architects - Makeka

Design Lab / SVA International / Van Der Merwe

Miszewski Architects JV

Structural Engineer: Sutherland

QS: Mbatha, Walters & Simpson

Issue 23

Issue 23

March 2018

This article was featured on page 18-20 of
To Build Magazine Issue 23.

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