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Slicing electricity costs

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Slicing electricity costs

Slicing electricity costs

A speaker at the African Utility Week believes that distributed generation will slice electricity costs by up to 90% for the average household.


Energy expert Ted Blom is a speaker and advisory board member of the 18th African Utility Week taking place from 15-17 May this year in Cape Town, South

Africa. In the run-up to the event, he says in an interview that: ‘South Africa and the world is at the precipice of revolutionary developments in energy generation and distribution, and the next five to ten years will render such dramatic changes that today’s energy supply chain will not be recognisable, especially with the advent of distributed generation, which in many instances will kill off centralised “bulk” generation and distribution. I believe this move will slice electricity costs by up to 90% for the average household and be a boom industry for participants in the energy revolution, with concomitant radical improvements in standards of living.’ Last year, Blom, an independent energy expert, also testified before the South African Parliament’s inquiry into Eskom’s governance. ‘The Parliamentary Energy subcommittee investigation is a refreshing attempt to decipher what has gone wrong at Eskom since it was “commercialised” in 2001. However, any results will only highlight that prosecution and clean-ups are long overdue, as the committee is powerless to take punitive action against wrongdoers,’ he says. The full interview with Ted Blom can be read at:



Africa Utility Week



RFIs for digital ideas

The City of Cape Town has issued a request for ideas (RFI) to the market, calling for submissions detailing how it can make use of digital technology and data to enhance its performance and enable residents and businesses to engage more actively with the City


Information and ideas are sought on any products, technologies or other offerings that could leverage existing infrastructure and data. The City is interested in exploring innovative ways to deliver on its objectives as an organisation. One of the over-arching requirements is the formation of partnerships that will take advantage of the City’s significant investment in optic fibre deployment, the CCTV camera network and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Areas of interest include the following:

• Public safety

• Infrastructure planning and maintenance

• Energy efficiency

• Transportation and integrated urban development

• Water and waste management

• Using cloud computing technology as a disruptive model enabling clustered community commerce and to address social challenges within these communities ‘The global challenges of rapid urbanisation, climate change, increased pressure on resources, and the provision of infrastructure and services all need to be addressed at the city level and the City believes that there are technology-based solutions out there that can enhance service delivery and make economic growth for residents a real possibility. Thinking outside the box and developing these solutions will help us move this city from good to great,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Councillor Raelene Arendse.


City of Cape Town



Cautious optimism

According to an industry association, earthmoving and mining equipment sales edged upwards this year, giving suppliers reason to be cautiously optimistic going in to 2018.


Provided the country experiences ongoing political and currency stability the outlook remains positive for the year ahead. Combined with a recovery in certain commodities such as coal, this may be just the medicine the industry needs to recover beyond the highs of 2013 levels, says Construction and Mining Equipment Suppliers’ Association CONMESA Chairman, Lawrence Peters. ‘A number of factors, however, continue to weigh on sales with low commodity prices, as well as political uncertainty and a volatile currency hampering our economy in terms of production and investment. As a result, large-scale construction, mining, government and municipal infrastructure projects are being stalled and this still weighs heavily on equipment sales.

Issue 23

Issue 23

March 2018

This article was featured on page 26-29 of
To Build Magazine Issue 23.

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