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Association for all

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Association for all

Membership of the Association for Construction Health and Safety

Management (ACHASM) is open to all persons involved with Construction Health and Safety (CHS).


ACHASM is a registered non-profit company and a recognised SACPCMP Voluntary Association

(VA), established to provide all those working in the Construction Health and Safety (CHS) field with an advisory and representative body. The organisation is committed to promoting the professional interest of CHS practitioners within the built environment, in terms of the Construction Regulations (2014).



To be the preferred professional association for construction health and safety professionals practicing on the African continent.



To promote professionalism in the practice of construction health and safety among all built environment stakeholders and contribute to the achievement of optimum construction health and safety on projects by:

• Determining what constitutes best construction H&S practice globally

• Promoting research and development to improve construction H&S systems, processes, procedures, and practices

• Presenting CPD events that enhance construction

H&S competencies

• Presenting construction H&S education and training

• Forming partnerships with statutory built environment councils, and professional built environment associations

• Facilitating access for all who are prepared to acquire the requisite construction H&S competencies, and

• Monitoring members’ behaviour relative to the Association’s values.



• All built environment stakeholders will view construction H&S as a project value

• All built environment disciplines will include construction H&S in their scope of work

• Facilitate construction H&S research and development

• Develop a construction H&S framework for tertiary-built environment

• Identify the competencies for construction H&S professionals

• Compile construction H&S guidelines, and practice notes

• Deliver construction H&S CPD and education and training

• Conclude a MoU with all statutory built environment councils, and professional built environment associations

• Establish a code of conduct for members and construction H&S professionals, and

• Investigate improper conduct of members and carry out disciplinary hearings.



The following values form the basis for the

Issue 23

Issue 23

March 2018

This article was featured on page 46 of
To Build Magazine Issue 23.

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