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Reducing coal usage

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Reducing coal usage

An innovative tyre burning initiative at PPC’s De Hoek plant in the Western Cape has demonstrated the viability of burning waste tyres as an alternative to coal for the purposes of cement production. The project, which will enable De Hoek’s kiln 6 to burn up to three tyres per minute, will reduce the plant’s coal usage by an estimated 15% while significantly reducing nitrous emissions. It will simultaneously also decrease landfill requirements, thereby ensuring a reduced environmental impact. Developed in response to its engagement with REDISA (the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa) in April 2014, PPC originally began exploring the viability of tyre burning as farback as 2007. However, at that stage the company was unable to secure a reliable supply of tyres. Since then, PPC has connected with various players in the market including REDISA, various provincial authorities and environmental groups. From 2014, viable solutions for a sustainable supply and transport logistics have been found. ‘Once our supply issue was resolved we were able to develop an effective system for the plant,’ explains Johan Vorster, general manager at PPC De Hoek. ‘We drew on internationally-recognised technology and equipment for the process. This currently comprises an air-lock valve and a manual feed system – with an elevator and cage – which is gradually being automated. When the system has been fully automated, whole tyres will be transported directly into the riser section of kiln 6.’ Vorster adds that when in full commission, the automated system will feed tyres into the kiln at a rate of one tyre every 10 to 20 seconds. REDISA will deliver the tyres as part of the agreement.




Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 25 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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