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Modular housing solutions

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Modular housing solutions

Flex Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of Poly Vinyl Chloride

(PVC) building systems, using cutting edge technology for the design

and construction of modular housing solutions.

Flex Building Systems offers high-quality, rapid assembly and cost-effective building solutions. It is an alternative building technology that holds an Agrément certificate. The structures are lightweight and easy to assemble, and the system is ideal for applications such as classrooms, clinics, ablution facilities, site offices, stores, dormitories, guard houses and laundries to name a few. The units can be erected as permanent structures on concrete strip footings, or as mobile units on a steel base frame with flooring. Flex Building Systems plays an important role

in community social upliftment and skills transfer by creating employment opportunities for unskilled people.

We have a global footprint with agents representing Flex Building Systems in various countries around the world. Flex Building Systems are ideal for the following applications:

• Classrooms and mobile clinics

• Military camps and guard houses

• Employee housing

• Single family dwellings

• Storage buildings

• Utility sheds

• Disaster relief and site offices


Advantages of the Flex Building Systems include:

• High quality

• Low cost

• Complete solution

• Flexible and modular (scalable design)

• Unique building technology

• Quick assembly by unskilled labour

• Waterproof and maintenance free

• Meets fire and safety regulations

• Construction reliability

The basic properties of Flex Building Systems’ profile include:

• Fire resistance – Non-flammable/selfextinguishable

• Thermal insulation – up to 2m2 x °C/watt

• Flammability class – four

• Smoke density class – three

• Deformation and dripping class – three


Flex Building Systems

Lesly Harris, General Manager

T +27 12 541 3660

F +27 12 541 0215



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