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A profile of success

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A profile of success

The successful construction of any building, commercial or residential, relies on the quality of its essential elements – foundations, walls, wiring, plumbing, and, of course, the roof. MiTek Industries South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a full system supplier to the prefabricated timber and steel roof truss industry.

About Mitek

MiTek Industries South Africa is a division of the St Louis, Missouri-based international MiTek group that is owned by legendary investor, Warren Buffet, and is part of the international conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated. For over forty years, the vast majority of South African roofs have used the tried and tested system of prefabricated timber roof trusses, manufactured with the company’s renowned MiTek M20 nail plate connectors. MiTek is the leading roof truss system supplier in South Africa, serving over 160 roof truss manufacturers (fabricators) country wide, and over 800 hardware and DIY markets that are supplied with all eCo builder’s products featured in its comprehensive brochure. This range contains the most complete timber to timber, timber to steel, and timber to masonry, as well as steel to steel, and steel to masonry connection brackets. Additionally, the marketing arm of the company meets with building professionals (architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and property developers) to provide them with feasibility design drawings, bill of quantities, full documentation and competitive prices. MiTek South Africa is headquartered in Midrand, Gauteng. From this location it manufactures connector plates, builder’s products and roll-form products for the South African market, as well as exporting to over 20 African countries. A joint venture was set up in Kenya to distribute to East African countries. The company’s offices in Midrand, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth are strategically located to serve customers and house its customer support teams, design services and machinery specialists.

Solutions for systems

The recently introduced Ultra-Span lightweight steel roof truss, now offers South Africans remarkable versatility in the search for affordable roofing solutions. MiTek offers the combined expertise of Gang- Nail, Hydro-Nail, eCo fasteners and the lightweight steel Ultra-Span roof truss system, as well as the best software design, detail and costing packages available, providing the most comprehensive suite of programmes available internationally. A network of licensed prefabricated timber and steel roof truss fabricators across South Africa brings MiTek quality and technology to your doorstep, providing you with international levels of service and expertise locally, and offering and maintaining a sustainable, competitive advantage. ‘We are proud of our reputation as the best in the business – a reputation that is built on years of working closely with our customers,’ says Uwe Schlüter, the company’s marketing & business development manager.

The soft end

While one might be excused for thinking heavy metal and engineering hardware when considering Mitek’s market, one of the company’s strengths lies in the creation and evolution of custom design software. Indeed, software is at the heart of the MiTek’s product offering. The company’s software products drive the machinery used to manufacture building components, specify connectors or profiles in roof truss design, and provide design services with the competitive advantage to excel in component design. Over 105 software programmers work around the clock, enhancing, improving and modifying MiTek software. These programmers, based in the US, European, South African and Australian offices, provide the most experienced expertise for any engineering solution, ensuring that MiTek customers stay.

Compliance to standards and quality

All products and material used in the construction of either timber or steel MiTek roof truss systems comply with the relevant local codes of practice and the relevant recommendations of the US, European and Australian Building Codes. MiTek is constantly seeking to improve its own existing high standards. Its staff represent the industry at SABS, SASFA, ECSA, ITC, and numerous other organisations, placing a high priority on seeking more effective methodologies. It is also the only system supplier that manufactures its own nail plates and other truss hardware to hold an ISO 9001:2000 certification. Additionally, MiTek Industries South Africa is the proud recipient of Dekra’s international recognition for commitment to excellence.

Builders’ hardware and the role of R&D

An essential component of completed timber or steel roof structures is builder’s hardware. MiTek’s R&D department is part of an international R&D group that meets regularly to discuss new products, enhancements to existing products, and trends in the roofing business with regard to new and existing products. This has led to the creation of many specially-designed and patented brackets for any type of timber to timber or steel connection. All MiTek and eCo fasteners have been tested and approved by independent testing authorities for performance and load capacities, which is the building owner’s guarantee of long-term stability for roof structures. MiTek leads the world in R&D. Full-scale load testing on truss designs is carried out to better understand truss behaviour and calibration of designs against allowable stress and limit state design codes. It is noteworthy that MiTek South Africa has the only truss-testing rig in southern Africa.

Software packages designed and brought to the market by Mitek include:

• Business management systems with costing, stock control and production management

• Truss design

• Trigonometry

• Beam designs

• Training

• Computer draughting

• Layouts

• Bill of quantities

• Manufacturing detailing

• Erection and bracing detail systems In short, the company provides everything necessary, including manufacturing equipment, for the fabricator’s business. MiTek’s software is a complete package that includes MBA, a business application to run and control the production of roof structures, as well as graphical input, structural designs, drawing packages and a facility to quote on all materials and sundries. This provides fabricators with the means to accurately and timeously tender for contracts. All MiTek software systems are Windows based, easy to use, and give an immediate competitive advantage to customers that use these systems. Comprehensive SETA-approved training is provided on all MiTek’s modules.

MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd

T +27 11 237 8700



Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 108-109 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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