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Alleviating everyday security-related stresses

Online since 3.11.2015 • Filed under Advertorial • From Issue 16 page(s) 67-69
Alleviating everyday security-related stresses

Centurion Systems turns 30 in 2016 and, in its nearly three decades of existence, has carved a path for itself as one of South Africa’s – if not the world’s – leading manufacturers of access automation equipment.

A profile of success

In many respects, Centurion’s story reads like a fairy tale of local manufacturing. From humble beginnings, starting in a wooden shed in managing director Pat Dickens’ backyard, to having branches throughout South Africa and two beyond our borders (Nigeria and Sydney, Australia), Centurion arrived on the local manufacturing scene much like a knight in shining armour, just as the crime situation in South Africa took a turn for the dire. As if this wasn’t heroic enough, the fledgling company also took on the (at the time) sleeping dragon of load shedding by pioneering battery backup in gate automation for the local market, saving many a damsel the distress from not being able to get into or out of her property during a lengthy power outage. While the company’s products have certainly contributed towards alleviating the everyday security related stresses of homeowners, its focus has always been on making life easier for installers and systems integrators, and its access control devices boast a colourful pallet of features designed to do exactly that. These include modular construction, intuitive and intelligent LCD interfaces, audible and visual diagnostics and removable terminals.

Main product lines

Gate motors

Gate motors are an absolute staple of access automation and remain a reliable and costeffective means of achieving access control and the accompanying security and convenience. The company manufactures gate motors for both swing and sliding gates, with operators available for domestic, light-industrial and full-industrial applications. The vast majority of Centurion’s gate motors feature dependable battery backup and will continue working even during lengthy power outages.

Traffic barriers and accessories

Centurion’s traffic barriers are designed to handle very heavy traffic, and can happily perform up to  3 000 operations every day, even during power failures. A beefy DC gearbox coupled with a tough-as nails housing and intelligent and feature-rich controller make these barriers the automatic choice for access control points with lots of cars going in and out. The traffic barriers are designed for high-volume vehicular traffic applications and feature on-board support for inductive ground loop detectors that can be utilised for safety loops, arming loops or free-exit loops. Thanks to cutting-edge corrosion protection, the barriers are suitable for use in inland, coastal and marine areas, and the housing carries an IP55 protection rating. Roadway spikes and pedestrian barrier fences can also be added for a fully comprehensive access control system.

GSM devices

GSM devices provide the ultimate in convenience by allowing users to open their gates via a free missed call from their mobile phones. This means that it is no longer necessary to get out of one’s car in inclement weather, or to wake up sleeping neighbours alerting someone to come and open the gate as the gate can be activated from the comfort and dryness of a car. These devices are ideal for access control purposes for up to 5 000 users (depending on model), and can also be used to monitor and switch a variety of electrical devices via a standard GSMenabled mobile phone. Typical applications include opening and closing an automatic gate, switching a refrigeration unit on and off, arming an alarm, or receiving SMS text notifications when, for example, mains power has failed.

Garage door operators

A wide variety of Centurion garage door automation solutions are available, including options for sectional, tip-up and roll-up garage doors. These operators are remarkably easy to fit and are renowned in the access automation world for their whisper-quiet operation.

Proximity access control

Centurion is the manufacturer of the SOLO and Lattice proximity access control systems. Options are available for both stand-alone and larger networked applications, and the Lattice system also offers easy user  administration via a userfriendly software interface. These readers boast an  excellent read range and easy adding and deleting of user tags.

Keypad access control

Centurion offers both hard-wired and wireless variants of its immensely popular SMARTGUARD access control keypad. Up to 1 000 unique user codes comprising one to 10 digits can be effortlessly added and obviates the need for access holders to carry keys or remotes, which can be lost or stolen. The SMARTGUARDair wireless model can communicate – via an ultra-secure code-hopping protocol – with up to 15 compatible devices and can be installed and commissioned within minutes. Centurion keypads can be used for access control for up to 1 000 users and can also be used for controlling electrical devices such as swimming pool pumps and alarm systems.

Intercom systems

Centurion’s award-winning POLOphone intercom system provides an effective visitor screening solution for homeowners and proprietors of small businesses. In addition to possessing an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing design, the POLOphone system operates on a two-wire bus system, making it a dream to install. On the wireless side of the spectrum, G-SPEAK utilises GSM technology and gives users crystal clear audio, wireless convenience and seamless communication between the device’s entry panel and up to four mobile numbers (depends on model). Besides being a dream from a convenience and aesthetics point of view, the G-SPEAK system also enables users to answer their intercoms from anywhere in the world with a GSM network, giving the impression that they are home even when they are not. This acts as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Safety devices

A convenient and cost-effective automated gate safety solution is available in the form of Centurion’s Photon infrared gate safety beams. This solution boasts a wireless transmitter, which means that there is no need for unsightly and expensive tunnelling or digging under the driveway, and is designed to prevent the gate from closing onto people or vehicles.


There’s a very good reason for ‘solar’ being the buzzword of our time. The combination of rising electricity costs and a rickety supply have left many South Africans seeking alternatives to fossil fuel and, at the time of writing, solar remains the most popular and cost-effective alternative energy source. The majority of Centurion’s products are solar-ready, and the company stocks a wide range of solar products including panels, regulators and deep-cycle batteries.

Centurion Systems


Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 67-69 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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