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Acoustic panel cladding

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Acoustic panel cladding

New 3D Acoustic Panels are making a noise

Ergoform’s innovative 3D panels come in an array of popu lar patterns and cool colours, and are an easy way to invigorate an office space. Apart from looking great, the panel’s primary function is to absorb sound waves, resulting in a far more precise sound quality. By reducing the speed at which sound pressure waves bounce around in a space, the acoustic panels allow for greater audibility and clarity of speech. The visual stimulation paired with the enhanced acoustics that the panels provide makes for an ideal environment for business meetings, presentations, one-on-one discussions, or creative brainstorming. Be boardroom bold by choosing from a variety of patterns and colours that will transform your meeting space into a hub of effective communication.

Supports recycled material

Not only will your office environment be transformed, Ergoform’s 3D Acoustic Panels are also easy on the natural environment – they are manufactured using PET felt, which is made directly from recycled plastic bottles. Panels can easily be applied to brick or dry walls, the back of cupboards, bulkheads or ceilings. Sound measurements can only be taken within each room context as all room sizes and finishes are different and therefore provide a different reading. Ergoform has performed these measurements and noted the difference. Designers are welcome to contact Ergoform directly for further information.


T +27 21 461 2251 (Cape Town)

T +27 11 262 0210 (Johannesburg)


Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 119 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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