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Looking through the Fenster

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Looking through the Fenster

High standards and top quality from a local family business make for a great supplier.

As a top supplier of aluminium windows and doors, Fenster is a family-run door and window manufacturing company that has been in operation for 28 years. Fenster takes pride in creating beautiful products inspired by leading architects and designers and, using innovative rubber hoses and seals, the company is able to entirely seal off frames to achieve high waterproof and soundproof qualities. By using the most durable glass on the market, the company offers a very high level of security. All windows and doors are tailor made to meet individual requirements and each aluminium fixture is handcrafted to the highest standard. There is an increasing demand for energy-efficient homes and the flexibility of Fenster’s systems allow it to custom glaze windows and doors to decrease energy consumption, enhancing comfort in any environment. With its blend of style, technology and simplicity, Fenster’s products also offer true value for money.

Pushing the envelope

According to Panos Tsouroullas from Fenster, architects push the envelope by being more design driven while maintaining the smallest footprint  possible with a structural design. ‘So, at Fenster, we are right here to assist in giving them the upper hand at staying ahead of the pack in terms of space utilisation,’ he insists. ‘Fenster is constantly developing new products in conjunction with leading European manufacturers. The company has leading European glass companies developing greater compounds to use in our products, pushing the ever-developing search for a more soundproofing, better security and a lower energy usage system.’ Indeed, Fenster takes pride in the spaces that it creates, with its systems making large-sized panels a possibility. With Fenster’s systems pushing the boundaries in architectural design, the windows and doors are not merely a feature of the room, but arguably provide more benefits than any other system on the market. ‘Our 180° pivot windows open in such a way that cleaning them in a penthouse is a breeze, by rotating the outside surface inwards. Motorising helps users to operate these windows in a double volume opening with the push of a button. ‘Take a look at our products to help you with the planning of the next floorplan. The possibilities with Fenster are endless,’ Panos adds.

Other specialised options

Other options on offer include bullet proofing, soundproofing, acoustic solutions, facade systems and others on display in the company’s showroom. The maximum double-glazed thickness on the Fenster standard range is 34mm.

Distinctive service offerings

According to Panos, the company offers numerous benefits for users, the most important being:

• Fenster only uses the best components and accessories of the highest standard from Europe. Specialising in double-glazed units, it has the knowhow and products to support unique and custommade designs, steering clients in the right direction with over 28 years’ experience.

• Custom-made to meet individual tastes and architecture, Fenster’s products are styled on contemporary European design. The company ensures that all units are manufactured to perfection by assembling the units one by one, by hand, with a skilled labour force overseen by experienced management.

• Fenster’s products prioritise appearance without compromising on safety. Security features are concealed in the design, offering protection against body-weight attacks and preventing tools from being used to break locked and bolted components. Furthermore, the system carries the glazing bead on the inside of the frame and not the outside, which makes it difficult for burglars to gain access into the premises by removing the glass.

• Fenster specialises in double-glazed units while still being able to transform the unit to singleglazing. Standard double-glazed units comprising 6.38mm laminated glass on both sides, weighs approximately 30kg per/m². Fenster ensures that its system can carry the weight while still being able to create big openings, creating bigger, uninterrupted views. Furthermore, Fenster only uses the best glazing suppliers available, ensuring high-quality double-glazed units, manufactured to clients’ specifications.

• The flexibility of Fenster’s manufacturing system allows for tailor-made windows and doors, each designed to fit a client’s requirements. In noisy environments, Fenster can provide effective glazing.

• Fenster’s aluminium windows and doors system has a high level of waterproofing as they are designed to force water to escape outwards. In addition, the best rubbers are sourced in Europe, along with the engineering behind the system. This ensures the elimination of air-leakage.

Expert assistance

For assistance with any technical issues beyond the limitations described, the Fenster international in-house technical department is available to assist designers. As an example of this service, the company successfully engineered a four panel motorised sliding door with a height of 6 000mm x 7 200mm to great effect. Other products manufactured and marketed by Fenster include:

 • Flyscreens – for a large variety for different Applications

• Roller shutters up to 10 000m

• Sun control blinds – for a large variety for different applications

• Security doors rated up to WK3.


T + 27 11 796 5165 (Johannesburg)

T + 27 21 510 0921 (Cape Town)



Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 127-129 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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