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Fast track quality waterproofing

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Fast track quality waterproofing

Plastimul 2K Reactive has no equivalent in the local market and is attracting strong interest from waterproofing contractors.

Immediate waterproofing

Plastimul 2K Reactive is a two-component emulsion that is applied by airless spray to give immediate waterproofing of structures below ground such as the outside of foundations and retaining walls, as well as virtually any horizontal and vertical surfaces that are not exposed to UV. The product is suitable for all types of concrete and cellular concrete surface, limestone, pumice, lightweight brick and breeze-block masonry, render and screeds. ‘The remarkable new product offers completely seamless, fast track application with rapid drying,’ says Mapei South Africa’s product manager, Paul Nieuwoudt. ‘It can be over coated with conventional roof coatings and can be applied over existing torchon membranes without any special primer. Such is the confidence in the product that guarantees of up to ten years can be given.’

Extremely tough and highly elastic

Applied using the type of airless spray that keeps the two components separate until they emerge from the spray nozzle, Plastimul’s blended components immediately begin setting. A partially-hardened membrane that is highly flexible, waterproof and resistant to leaching is formed. Once the curing process is complete, the Plastimul 2K Reactive forms a continuous, joint-free membrane that adheres to the substrate. The fully-cured membrane has a high elasticity and crack-bridging capacity, and prevents ingress of water even at high positive pressures. The product is suitable for all types of concrete and cellular concrete surfaces, limestone, pumice, lightweight brick and breeze-block masonry, render and screeds.

User and environment friendly

One of Mapei’s primary concerns in developing its products is the health and safety of users and care  for the environment. Being solvent-free, Plastimul 2K Reactive is non-flammable and eco-compatible. In addition, user-friendly acrylic paint systems can be used for over coating.

Final finish seals the guarantee

In applications such as the sealing or refurbishment of concrete roofs exposed to UV sunlight, the Plastimul 2K Reactive membrane is protected from UV with a suitable reflective finish such as two coats of Mapei Aquaflex Roof HR reflective paint. Plastimul 2K Reactive is proving to be a particularly well-received solution for waterproofing retaining walls  and concrete roofs that frequently present challenges for traditional waterproofing systems. If a project is undertaken by a Mapei South Africa approved applicator, the waterproofing membrane is guaranteed against deterioration for 10 years and a full quality control system is provided free of charge by Mapei

South Africa technical personnel.

Mapei South Africa

T +27 11 552 8476


Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 145 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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