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Challenges and advances in the HVAC industry

Online since 5.11.2015 • Filed under Advertorial • From Issue 16 page(s) 195-197
Challenges and advances in the HVAC industry

Gauteng-based HVAC specialist, Fourways Airconditioning, discusses two of HVAC’s biggest changes in the local industry over the last 10 years.

Constant change is here to stay is a truism that certainly applies in the HVAC industry. A decade ago, commercial air conditioning was largely about roomsized central systems with space-consuming ducting or equally massive chiller systems. Today, energyefficient, eco-friendly and space-saving are major buzzwords in the HVAC industry.

Major inroads

Samsung’s DVM model is making major inroads into the commercial air conditioning market. Almost  a decade ago Samsung was already introducing radical changes to the local air conditioning industry with its Digital Variable Multisystem (DVM) unit. With its single variable-capacity external unit linked to multiple indoor units – each with its own individual temperature control – the digital variable multisystem began changing the face of cooling/heating modern buildings. Its variable capacity responds instantly to heating/cooling demands, operating at only a fraction of its total capacity when fewer indoor units are in operation, drastically reducing energy consumption. Since its introduction, a succession of improved DVM models have been introduced, featuring reductions in size and weight, ever-improved COPs (coefficient of performance), heat recovery technology, waterheating capabilities and an S-Checker that reduces commissioning time. Typical case studies that illustrate the benefits of Samsung’s DVM system are the new Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, the Pretoria University Groenkloof Campus and the New Kimberley Hotel. The units were supplied by Fourways Airconditioning South Africa.

Case study: Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

The construction of the most advanced children’s hospital in Africa required state-of-the-art air conditioning. The consulting engineers specialising in air conditioning systems for large projects, Spoormaker & Partners, selected Samsung’s DVM S system. Airgro is carrying out the installation scheduled for completion in 2016. A prime benefit of the system is its top-class energy efficiency coupled with Samsung’s heat recovery system, ensuring maximum savings on electricity. An additional benefit is that the DVM S outdoor unit is directly connected to a third-party AHU (Air Handling Unit), used to provide surgically clean air for theatres, while the use of hydro units generates hot water for the various hospital blocks using the refrigerant system. The result is a fully-integrated

energy efficient system.

Case study: Pretoria University  Groenkloof Campus

Pretoria can get pretty hot – and as there was no existing air conditioning in the Groenkloof Campus library and auditoriums, aircon tenders were called for in early 2013. The consultant specified a Samsung DVM S systems as the main outdoor units in view of their eco-friendliness and high energy efficiency. HVAC contractor, Airfreeze, was given the job. A total of 17 Samsung outdoor units were installed, including seven DVM S systems on the roof, utilising Samsung’s heat recovery system for maximum energy savings. Indoor units comprised 23 oneway cassettes of various capacities, 33 four-way cassettes, and 28 ducted units. Work began in July and was completed by November 2013, resulting in economical, efficient climate control for the auditorium and library.

Case study: The Kimberley Ann Hotel

Before construction on the Kimberley Ann Hotel began in 2010, the owner wished to ensure cooling and heating of the highest efficiency. Wouter Peyper from Turbo Cool, a HVAC contractor, recommended Samsung’s DVM with heat recovery system. Today, the Kimberley Ann Hotel boasts four Samsung DVM 3 outdoor units, with 21 indoor mid-wall splits, 20 cassettes and an S-Net Mini Controller that provides individual climate control for each area of the hotel. Guests are assured of total comfort, in winter or summer, while the owner of the hotel enjoys Maximum energy savings. ‘Samsung’s DVM S system with its new smart inverter ensures top-class energy efficiency, especially when a heat recovery system is installed. Operating with COPs of up to and above four, the

savings on electricity are extremely significant. Installations of these systems are increasing at an exponential rate because they offer higher energy efficiencies, lower maintenance costs, and less plant room space required for installations. The DVM S system is at the cutting edge of HVAC energy efficiency,’ comments Mfundo Ciko, from Fourways Airconditioning.

Heat pumps drastically reduce electricity usage

Heat pumps have been around for a long time, but ever since the ‘Energy Usage in Building Regulations (XA2)’ law came into being in 2011, sales of heat pumps, and Alliance Heat Pumps in particular, have soared as they take the place of energy-consuming electric-element geysers. From stand-alone SANS 151-compliant 170-litre combo units for domestic use, and a range of retrofitted units up to a large 80kW commercial unit that can deliver thousands of litres of hot water per hour, the Alliance range of heat pumps is revolutionising the water heating industry. With energy-saving COPs of up to four and more, and accreditations including ISO 9000/1, ISO 14001, CE approval, TuV and Six Sigma, Alliance Heat Pumps are changing the way South Africa heats its water. Some case studies of the use of Alliance Heat Pump installations include:

Case study: Sweating to solve a complex problem

Sweating is normally the order of the day at a gym, but the owners of a new gym at Sancardia Mall, Pretoria were sweating before the gym even opened. The reason? The 2 400-litre boiler they ordered to supply hot water for the change rooms could not be manufactured before the gym’s launch. The project, carried out by Air Cycle, called in the expertise of Fourways Airconditioning that provided the answer. 200-litre geysers were readily available, so six were positioned for the men’s change room and six for the ladies’ change room, making a combined 2 400-litres of water storage. However, the cumulative electricity usage of all 12 in operation would have been extremely expensive. Fourways’ solution was two 10kW Alliance Commercial Heat Pump Water heaters. With a COP of 4.1, these water heaters have reduced potential electricity usage by approximately 75%, compared to the amount electric element geysers would have used. Additionally, there is no need for electrical element back-up. Problem solved!

Case study: The Birchwood Hotel

The system installed at Birchwood Hotel comprises 10 x 38kw Alliance Heat Pumps connected to 4 000-litre boilers. They were installed by Magnet Group based in Durban. The Alliance Heat Pumps produces 1 000 litres of hot water per hour. A ring main system supplies instant hot water to taps/ showers.

Case study: Midrand Formula 1 Hotel

Requirements for this 94-room hotel were that the system could re-heat 5 000 litres of existing storage within a period of six hours during winter. Three 38.5kW Alliance Heat Pumps were installed by Solar Heat Exchangers, providing a hotwater volume of 7 500 litres and drastically cutting electricity usage.

Residential heat pump installations

Many thousands of Alliance Heat Pump Water Heaters have now been installed throughout South Africa. The all-in-one combo unit is proving particularly suitable as a replacement for electric-element geysers, while retrofitted heat pumps can make use of existing geysers as storage tanks. ‘All Alliance Water Heaters use eco-friendly gas and comply with XA2 Energy Usage Regulations. They save up to 66% or more on electricity usage, and are backed by the nationwide network of Fourways Airconditioning with warehouses in seven major metropolitan areas. Alliance Heat Pump Water Heaters are the obvious choice when it comes to eco-friendly water heating,’ comments Wil Jansen, director of Fourways’ Alliance Division.

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Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 195-197 of
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