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The Dow Chemical Company is reinforcing its commitment to invest in Africa The Dow Chemical Company has been watching the sub-Saharan African region and is well aware that the use of polyurethanes is increasing and there’s a need to supply sophisticated and innovative products.

‘Dow is explicitly optimistic about its contribution to the growing South African economy with polyurethane innovations that impact customers, markets and society,’ explains Jonathan Penrice, global vice president polyurethanes at Dow. ‘According to our global credo “Innovating for You”, we believe that our differentiated solutions can help move the needle to improve people’s lives everywhere.’ Beneficiaries of this include the furniture and bedding, construction, energy, refrigerated transportation and appliances industries that use polyurethane chemistry to improve product performance. ‘We are now introducing our first dedicated Polyurethanes Systems House in Durban that will serve as the hub to provide the sub-Saharan African region with tailor-made polyurethanes systems,’ says Penrice. The company is expecting the Sadara complex in the Middle East to start supplying polyurethane building blocks in late 2016. The supply from Sadara will give sub-Saharan Africa access to more polyurethane materials needed to grow the construction, cold chain, furniture, and bedding markets in the region. ‘With Dow Polyurethanes expanding its presence in South Africa, the region will have a growing sales team and more capabilities as we now have a dedicated systems house at the Durban site,’ Penrice concludes.

Dow Southern Africa

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Issue 16

Issue 16

November 2015

This article was featured on page 22 of
To Build Magazine Issue 16.

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